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Let us handle the stress of evicting your tenant without the costs of an Attorney!
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We offer 2 services for your convenience. After a free consultation and assessment of the current situation, we will present you with one of 2 options based on your needs. Based on your specific situation you will have the choice to let us handle all the aspects of the eviction, or let us handle the paperwork, and you can in a sense, do it yourself.  Once your decision has been made, we will go ahead and have you sign the power of attorney regarding matters involving only the eviction. We will then begin the process of paperwork and filing all the proceedings. If you’ve chosen for us to handle all of the eviction, you’re now free to let us handle the rest of the issue. 

We Handle The Eviction

Our ” we handle it all eviction” Includes Filing fees for  hanging a 3 day notice ; Processing fees with the appropriate County Clerk, providing Eviction Summons, serving summons and delivering writ of possession, delivering the different stages of paperwork to the county throughout the entirety of the process.


Stage 1

Stage One: Once consent has been reached, Evictthem will begin by gathering all the information and documents needed on behalf of the property management/owner. Once completely filled out, Evictthem will deliver and attach the 3 day notice to the front door of the premises. The tenant at fault will have 3 days to make payment or give  the property back in control to the management company/owner without carrying the eviction on their record. 

Stage 2

Stage Two: After 3 business days and no developments have been made per the tenant,. the “Complaint” with 2 copy attachments of the following: Current/ Expired lease, completed complaint, two stamped envelopes and the 3 day Notice for EACH tenant specified on the lease will be hand delivered by Evictthem to the Clerk of the Circuit Court to initiate the eviction process.

Stage 3

Stage Three: As the fees required by the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Sheriffs office will already be included in the price of your package, they will be paid for by Evictthem directly to each office during the different stages of the process. Stage 3 pertains to the Issuance of the Summons, which will allow the tenant 5 business days to respond . If no response is rendered to the Summons,  Evictthem will file the Motion for Default as well as the Final Judgement at the Clerk’s office. Once completed, the documents will be immediately handed over to the Clerk and the Judge for further action. 

Stage 4

Stage Four: Once the Final Judgement for possession has been granted per the judge, Evictthem will request the Writ of Possession directly from the Clerk’s office and drop off all required documents to the County Sheriffs Office. Sheriff will post the Writ of Possession on the property grounds. Once 24 hours passes, Evictthem and the sheriff will unite at the subject property and seize the property from former tenants. If any unforeseeable circumstance should arise during the eviction, such as the need to contact animal control etc, Evictthem will remain at property grounds until sheriff securely signs over property back to the management.

Stage 5

Stage Five: As tenants leave most of their belongings behind in a frantic disarray, it can get very unhygienic and uninhabitable for the next prospective tenants. Once property is released, per landlord request, we can go ahead and organize the clean out process.

We Handle The Paperwork

We will provide the correct documents needed pertaining to their specific residential eviction with the correct information filled out. If customer chooses this option, they will then have to drive to the county to submit the documents themselves on the deadline .  They will need to keep up with the fees required and documents needed by the county to make sure the eviction goes smoothly and quickly. 


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