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Let us handle the stress of evicting your tenant without the costs of an Attorney!
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We have been in real estate dealing with tenants for over 7 years and we have personally had to evict our own tenants and clients tenants. We quickly realized spending $3,000 – $4,000 per eviction ate up an entire years profits in many cases. We began doing evictions for our clients instead of hiring an attorney and EvictThem was born!

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Evict Them!
  • At EvictThem, we focus on providing a stress free professional process to aiding in your tenants eviction. If you are a landlord/property manager without a ton of money to spend on an attorney, hire us for $1,000 and remove that headache!
What We Do For You!
  • 3 Day Notice Posting
  • Meeting the sheriff for final possession
  • 1 Free lock Change
  • Writ of Possession Filed
  • Summons Filed
  • Judgement Filed
  • Complaint Paperwork Filed
We Save You Time

More importantly we save you TIME. 

  • All of this paperwork is time sensitive and if it is not filed in the correct order the county will either lose it or flat our reject it. We are diligent and timely at submitting your paperwork.
  • You have given your tenants ample TIME to move out but they never do, we will meet the Sheriff and watch them post the final write of possession. ( 3-4 hours)
  • Do you want to clean out your tenants filthy home after they move out? NO, you probably dont. We will set up our cleaning crew for you ( at an additional charge) to move everything out. 

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